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Jazz Colors

Jazz Colors has become a world wide hit and regularly gets email from listeners all over the world. Featuring a smooth mix of traditional jazz, legendary big band, a bit of blues and a touch of pop, it is truly a unique listening experience. You can expect to hear Artie Shaw, Duke Ellingtom, Frank Sinatra, Dave Brubeck, B.B. King, Steve Tyrell, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, and a host of other legendary performers in this comfortable and easy going mix.

Jazz Colors is a perfect choice for home or office, and has developed a devoted and loyal audience over the past two years.

If you find we're missing an artist, or title, that you feel would enhance your listening pleasure, tell us about it, and we'll get them added. At ABS Jazz Colors, not only do we want to make sure the quality of the audio you hear is top notch, we want to make sure that this remains your favorite place to visit and listen on the Net. Your comments are always welcome.

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