Listening To ABS

1. Using the web site
2. Listening to the broadcast
3. Requests
4. Troubleshooting Windows Media Player errors

1. Using the web site:

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2. Listening to the broadcast

You must have Microsoft Windows Media Player installed to tune in to our streams. We do not offer an MP3 stream at this time. Versions of Windows Media Player 9 or higher will display our Now Playing information inside the media player, including artist name, song title, CD name, and a Buy Now button that will take you to where you may directly purchase nearly all of the music we play. Some of what we play is either not yet released, or it may be out of print. More often than not however, you can purchase what we play directly from the media player.

Our 32k audio streams require a minimum 56k modem connection to listen. However, if you are only able to listen with a 56k modem connection, any browsing or other use of your PC will likely cause the stream to buffer. Our 128k streams are not available to non-broadband listeners, as they require a cable modem, dsl modem, or better to listen to the audio. Our streams are broadcast at 32k stereo, and at 128k stereo (CD Quality).

Although we try hard to never have our audio offline, it does happen once in a while. Severe weather, problems at either our audio or web host, software or hardware issues can pop up and make our audio and/or web site unavailable. If you ever lose audio for more than 5-10 minutes, please email us! The problem can be between your connection and our audio host, and the sooner you let us know the sooner we can get you back up and streaming!

4. Requests

Requests will allow you to make 1 request per hour, up to 10 songs per day, from any song on our play list. The requested song must not have played within the last three hours, nor the artist within the last two hours. If your request fails for one of these reasons, it doesn't count against you, try again! Sometimes due to software glitches, a request can be skipped. This doesn't happen very often, but just be aware that on a rare occaision your request might get missed.

5. Troubleshooting Windows Media Player errors

Windows Media player can add a lot of cryptic error codes that tell you very little about why you aren't able to connect to our audio. In order to help, please go to this microsoft link to resolve common connection problems: Troubleshooting. Or this link to view common error messages and solutions: Error Messages. Feel free to contact us any time you are having trouble listening and we will do our best to help you sort it out.

Listen Free!